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Welcome to Bit store online - Specializing in Horse Tack

Bit Store Online is a Sister Store to HB Laser ArtThat Specializes in Equestrian Equipment


Bit Store Online  attempts to provide products to a wide variety of unique and sought after products to our customers. Our customers range from the National Competitor to an individual horse owner that is looking for quality horse bits and horse tack for their horse.


OWNERSHIP   The owners of Bit Store Online are lifelong Horse Enthusiasts and will not sell anything that they would not use on their own horses.  


QUALITY     As you are aware there are many levels of quality that are available within any store that sells Horse Equipment and supplies. Higher quality items usually come at a higher cost. We carry high quality items at a reasonable cost and we personally examine each item we carry in order to maintain your trust in us.  Some items are expendable are relapsed frequently as a matter of convenience. Other items however are purchased and are expected to last a lifetime. We understand that there is a  Quality/Cost/Lifespan equation that comes in play every time a piece of equipment is purchased. We welcome your feedback as we attempt to provide the best we can at the price you are expecting to pay.

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